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Members of the CH4D project team get together in the UK

Members of the CH4D project team got together in May for an enjoyable two day retreat in the Peak District, in Central England. Detailed discussion of current work and results is ensuring ongoing close collaboration between all partners – as well as enabling planning for further activities. Special thanks to Judy for baking delicious chicken … Continue reading

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Collection of CH4D chicken health and disease data is complete

  After several months of processing and cleaning, a completed database is now in use for all 1280 birds sampled by the study, complete with their health, management, disease screening and follow-up data. Serological results from the ELISA tests have been explored in order to check their quality and determine the best methods to deal … Continue reading

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Update on CH4D ectoparasite study in Ethiopia

A study to identify and map the distribution of ectoparasites in scavenging chicken populations in Horro and Jarso as part of the CH4D project is now complete. The results from direct bird examinations show that indigenous breed flocks in the regions studied are infested with a diverse range of ectoparasites, including lice, mite and tick … Continue reading

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Update on fieldwork in the chicken health for development project

Back row:   Yordanos Mekonnen, Eshetu Zerihun, Said Mohammed, Michael Temesgen, Gelane Kumssa , Judy Bettridge,  Camilla Brena, Alemayehu Guteta, Jibril Yusuf Front row:  Zelalem Gutu, Marisol Collins All fieldwork has now been completed. The eight villages selected to take part in the study have now been visited a total of 4 times each over the … Continue reading

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Ethiopian chicken health 4 development project completes second field sampling in November 2011

  The field team (staff and students from ILRI, EIAR, The University of Liverpool, The University of Nottingham and Alemya Agriculture University) have returned from Horro and Jarso Woredas. Chickens sampled in the first season were re-visited and another 400 randomly selected chickens from 8 villages were examined.  Of the chickens examined in May,  5 … Continue reading