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Ethiopian chicken health 4 development project completes second field sampling in November 2011

  The field team (staff and students from ILRI, EIAR, The University of Liverpool, The University of Nottingham and Alemya Agriculture University) have returned from Horro and Jarso Woredas. Chickens sampled in the first season were re-visited and another 400 randomly selected chickens from 8 villages were examined.  Of the chickens examined in May,  5 … Continue reading

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High prevalence of Eimeria oocytes in faecal samples collected from indigenous chickens in Horro and Jarso woredas

Lisa Luu, MSc student (University Liverpool) has just completed her research project ‘Coccidiosis in Ethiopian village chickens ; epidemiology and identification of Eimeria species using real time PCR’.  Together with members of the Chicken Health 4 Development team, Lisa’s study has shown that there is a high prevalence of Eimeria oocytes in faecal samples collected … Continue reading