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Update on CH4D socioeconomics research in Ethiopia

Focus group discussion in Didibe-Kistana

Zelalem Gutu and the survey group

A general socioeconomic and CVM survey was conducted in 2011 in two rural areas of Ethiopia, Horro and Jarso. Data gathered during this survey time is now being analysed. Primary analysis of CVM data was completed and first draft of the work was shared to supervisors. A descriptive report of the general socioeconomic data has also been prepared. Further analysis of this data will be conducted over the coming months.

A choice experiment survey in village poultry sector was conducted earlier this year in Horro. This survey aims to gain important information about farmer preference for characteristics of vaccination programmes

and their preferred hen characteristics. The survey was administered to 450 households that were sampled from the two market-sheds in Horro that have been working with the project. The dataset has been developed and is now being analysed.

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